Project Over

This is the last post to this site for a while. Development on this project has stopped. There are some flaws in the drupal module, and they cannot be fixed without rewriting the bulk of the code. I may attempt this at a later time, but not now.

BUG in Guest Project


Someone added a codeword to one of the documents in the 'Guest Project', and somehow managed not to effect the other document. Obviously this is an error, but I cannot reproduce it. If you are the person who figured this out, let me know please as I'd like to fix the module so that this doesn't happen. Thanks. You can email me at . I would really appreciate it.


Now everyone should be able to log in as 'guest'. In the username field type 'guest' and also in the password field type 'guest'. You will be taken to an account where you can view some of QuiRC's features. When you're there, try not to erase anything so that other users can view the site also. You will not be able to upload your own documents.

QuiRC 2 Help Page


QuiRC stands for "Qualitative Research Coder". QuiRC performs many of the tasks of NViVo, but it is web based. It is a CMS used by psychology researchers. It was developed at SUNY New Paltz. Professor Tabitha Holmes of SUNY New Paltz requested that someone re-create NViVo, a qualitative analysis software that she uses to analyze interviews for the psychology department. Chirakkal Easwaran enlisted part of his Spring 2008 Software Engineering class to create a web-based CMS to perform the functions of NViVo. This is a version of the program that Group 1 developed. The original QuiRC program had its own CMS. Later the functionality of the program was made to work as a Drupal module.

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