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QuiRC 2 for Drupal 6 - Usage Scenarios - Proposed Usage

QuiRC is meant to be installed on an internet server and then used to perform qualitative research. Installing the QuiRC module is left to another discussion. QuiRC supports two kinds of coding projects, Individual Coding and Group Coding. We assume for the purposes of this discussion that four coders and one administrator are working on a project. The administrator will be referred to as 'root' and is also the root user on the drupal site. The coders are named 'Dave', 'Sam', 'Harry',and 'Tom'. They are working on a project concerning laughter and humor in the workplace. The administrator, root, has decided that they will use QuiRC for individual and group coding. This means there will be two QuiRC projects on the Drupal site, which they have decided they will call 'Workplace Humor - I' and 'Workplace Humor - G'.

The first thing the researchers have to do is to go to various workplaces and collect information. For this entire project they will conduct five interviews and transcribe them. It is not important weather the documents are in the text or Word format. The documents must have either the .txt or the .doc extension. The five documents will be uploaded to QuiRC where the researchers will do individual coding in the 'Workplace Humor - I' project. As a result of this coding several key codewords will be determined. Then a second project will be created. This is the 'Workplace Humor - G' project. The five documents will be uploaded again and the new codewords will be locked in by the administrator. Coding will begin again with the second project. When it is determined that coding is complete, the administrator will 'close' the project and the results of the project can be analyzed.

NEW QuiRC 2 for Drupal 6 Installed

This is notification that this site now hosts the new QuiRC 2 for Drupal 6 Module. Also, the help doc for that module is also here, so you can reference it.

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